Celebi from Neo Revelation

Celebi (Neo Revelation N3 3)

Text // Rating: 45% // Proxies // Rulings // Discussion: 1

– Psychic – 50 HP

Pokémon Power: Time Travel
If an opponent’s attack would Knock Out Celebi, flip a coin. If heads, Celebi isn’t Knocked Out and you shuffle it and all cards attached to it into your deck. This power doesn’t work if Celebi is already Asleep, Confused, or Paralyzed.

[P] Psychic Damage: Flip 3 coins. For each heads, put 1 damage counter on the Defending Pokémon.

Weakness: Psychic ×2
Resistance: none
Retreat Cost: 1

– 3/66 – Rare Holo

When Celebi disappears deep in a forest, it is said to leave behind an egg it brought from the future.

Cumulative Rating: 45.45% (11 impressions)

Set and Format Breakdown:

  • Neo Revelation: n/a (0 impressions)
  • Neo-on: n/a (0 impressions)
  • TR-on: n/a (0 impressions)

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  • MarxForever

    Love this card, fantastic artwork with a nice cheap attack that can do decent damage while completely ignoring resistance, Defenders, Metal Energies, Pokemon Powers, and anything else that reduces damage. But of all it can deny you opponent the prize for knocking it out half of the time while keeping cards in your deck. And if you got a Focus Band Equipped, that means there’s only a 25% chance that your opponent will be able to get that KO, and since both effects resolve at the same time you can choose to either keep Celebi in longer for more damage and prep time, or send it back to the deck (with the Focus Band) and bring out your big guns.