Leavanny from Noble Victories

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Leavanny (Noble Victories NVI 3)

Text // Rating: 74% // Proxies // Rulings // Discussion: 0

- Grass - 130 HP
Stage 2 - Evolves from Swadloon

Ability: Leaf Tailor
Each of your Pokémon that has any Energy attached to it has no Weakness.

[G][C][C] Cutting Arm: 40+ damage. Flip 2 coins. This attack does 20 more damage for each heads.

Weakness: Fire x2
Resistance: none
Retreat Cost: 2


- 3/101 - Rare

Upon finding a small Pokémon, it weaves clothing for it from leaves, using cutters on its arms and sticky silk.

Cumulative Rating: 74.07% (27 impressions)

Set and Format Breakdown:

  • Noble Victories: n/a (0 impressions)
  • BLW-on: 0.00% (1 impressions)
  • BLW-on (Expanded): 100.00% (1 impressions)
  • HS-on: 100.00% (1 impressions)

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