Shuckle from HeartGold & SoulSilver

Shuckle (HeartGold & SoulSilver HS 11)

Text // Rating: 39% // Proxies // Rulings // Discussion: 3

– Grass – 60 HP

Poké-Body: Shell Barricade.
As long as Shuckle is on your Bench, prevent all damage done to Shuckle by attacks (both yours and your opponent’s).

[F][F] Poison Jab: 30 damage. The Defending Pokémon is now Poisoned.

Weakness: Fire ×2
Resistance: none
Retreat Cost: 1

– 11 – Rare Holo

The berries it stores in its vase-like shell decompose and become a gooey liquid.

Cumulative Rating: 38.71% (31 impressions)

Set and Format Breakdown:

  • HeartGold & SoulSilver: n/a (0 impressions)
  • HS-on: 57.14% (7 impressions)
  • MD-on: 33.33% (3 impressions)

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  • mantine

    Anyone ever see this card get competitive play? I imagine a shuckle donk deck would be fun…

    • coolestman22

      Why not play Tyrogue? Or Sableye?

      • Will Whiteside

        I guess the intended use for the card here would be to deal grass type damage using fighting type energy. It isn’t weak to any of the things fighting is usually weak to, which means that it can be a boon to fighting type decks in limited. This allows you to hit flyers , and allows you to deal Super Effective damage against many of the water types that might beat fighting type pokemon.

        All that being said, this is one of the worst rare pokemon you could ever draw, ALMOST (but not quite ) reminiscent of the VS. set